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Precor Bikes


Recumbent and upright bikes that offer uncompromising ease-of-use and comfort exercisers and operators can rely on

Sturdy and smooth

The hassle-free, durable bikes make for a stable and comfortable ride.

Quiet and cleanable

Crafted to minimise noise and designed with fewer seams for effortless cleaning.

Peak comfort

Extra wide seats, ventilated seat backs and thoughtful touchpoints accommodate all body types.


Engineered with minimal adjustments to quickly enable a confident, smooth and biomechanically correct ride.

Peak comfort

The recumbent bike features an Air Flex Seat with ventilated panels and a unique suspension system that keeps riders cool and provides proper cushioning and support for every body.

A natural fit for all riders

Inspired by road cycles, our knee over pedal spindle geometry ensures an efficient fit so that every exerciser can unlock the cyclist within.

Get them moving faster

Effortlessly adjust the seat position with just one hand, whether exercisers are on or off the bike.

Ease of maintenance

The easy-to-remove shrouds ensure quick access to the belt-drive system for maintenance and servicing without removing the pedals or cranks.

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