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Frequently asked questions

To make getting the answers you need quick and easy, we’ve included some of our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see the information you need, or prefer to talk things through with one of our seasoned members, we’re here for you at +44 1276 548 528.

Precor product FAQs

Do I need to perform any preventative maintenance on my Precor equipment?
As you’ll see in your equipment’s documentation, basic preventative maintenance will promote years of trouble-free use of your Precor equipment. Here are some of the basic procedures you should perform:

Ellipticals: After each use, clean the display with a damp cloth. Every couple of weeks, clean the wheels and ramp with water or a diluted all-purpose cleaner. On a quarterly basis, perform a complete cleaning under the front and rear covers.

Treadmills: After each use, clean the display with a damp cloth. Carefully vacuum under the hood (front cover) at least once a month.

What information will I need to supply to the customer service representative when I call about a problem with my Precor equipment?
Please provide the following information: Precor equipment model number (such as EFX 576i, 966i Treadmill); your Precor equipment serial number; the nature of the issue (such as the error message, symptoms, description of the issue, etc.); your company name, contact name, address and phone number.

What can I use to clean my Precor equipment?
For general dirt or grease removal, we recommend Simple Green®. The recommended dilution is 1 part Simple Green to 30 parts of water. Do not spray directly on the equipment. Spray the solution on a clean, lint-free cloth before applying to the equipment. For disinfecting, please refer to our Recommended Disinfectant Cleaners for Precor equipment.

Where do I find the serial number on my Precor equipment?
Precor serial numbers are almost always on a white label below a black bar code (similar in appearance to a UPC). Depending on the date of manufacture, the serial number is an alphanumeric combination that is either 10 or 13 characters long. This serial number is in different locations depending on the type of equipment you own. For treadmills, the serial number is on the label near the power cord entry and on the frame under the left rear of the treadmill. Certain older treadmills will have the serial number on the center crossbeam under the deck or on the hood (or under the hood on the frame).

For ellipticals, the serial number can be located either at the rear of the equipment near the on/off switch on a white sticker with a bar code or on the frame located under the hood. For bikes, the serial number is either on the bottom of the frame (viewing of this requires laying the equipment on its side) or on the rear of the frame near the floor. For stair climbers, the serial number is either on the bottom of the foot pedals or on the left front cover near the on/off switch. If you need help locating the serial number of your Precor equipment, please call our technical support representatives at 1276 548 528.

I am having an issue with my Precor equipment. How do I obtain warranty service or technical assistance?
It is always best to contact the Precor Authorized Dealer from which you purchased your equipment. If your dealer cannot help you, or if you purchased from or, call Precor Technical Support at +44 1276 548 528. Our technicians can recommend a Precor Authorized Service Provider in your general area. Please have the serial number of the unit available when contacting Precor.

Where can I get parts for my Precor equipment?
You are able to purchase parts for your Precor equipment by visiting If you need additional help, you can call Precor at +44 1276 548 528, or email us at for additional assistance. Please have the serial number of the equipment available at the time of purchasing parts.

What is the warranty on parts purchased for replacement?
Parts purchased for replacement through either your dealer or directly through Precor have a one year replacement warranty. There is no labor warranty on replacement parts.

My Precor equipment is still under parts warranty but no longer under labor warranty. Can you send parts directly to me without getting a servicer involved?
Generally speaking, it is against Precor policy to send warranty parts to anyone other than a Precor Authorized Technician. While Precor can make certain exceptions in the case of reasonably simple items, it is important that a trained technician evaluate the cause and provide a solution to any problems you may experience with your Precor equipment.

What is the warranty on my Precor equipment?
The warranty specifications are included in the in-box documentation supplied with the equipment upon purchase and begin on the invoice date of the original purchase. The warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the equipment and is nontransferable. In order for Precor equipment to be covered under warranty, it must be purchased either directly from Precor or an Authorized Precor Dealer. Precor equipment carries the warranty that was in effect on the date of manufacture and applies only against manufacture defects discovered within the warranty period. Please refer to the warranty information that came with your unit. If you have lost your in-box documentation, you can find information on your warranty here. If you purchased from a Precor Authorized Dealer retail store or a retail dealer’s website, contact the dealer to review the warranty status of your Precor equipment. Or you can contact Precor Customer Support at +44 1276 548 528. You will need to have the serial number of your unit available.

Why is the exerciser’s telemetry (wireless) heart rate reading erratic or nonexistent?
The telemetry (wireless) heart rate system depends on a strong, clear signal being presented from the chest strap transmitter to the receiver inside the equipment console. Be sure the chest strap is correctly positioned snugly against the exerciser’s body. (See in-box documentation for additional details). Moist skin helps the transmitter strap make good contact, so perspiration or even dabbing a bit of water onto the skin may help. When the exerciser first begins using the heart rate strap, he or she should lean in close to the equipment console for a few seconds to allow the receiver to pick up the signal. Once the console has a lock on the signal, the exerciser can step back to a normal exercise position and begin the workout. If the equipment has Touch Heart Rate grips, the exerciser should not touch them while using the chest strap, as this will override the telemetry heart rate system. If the chest strap is several years old, it is possible that the battery in the strap has lost its charge. If this is the case, contact your Precor Authorized Dealer for assistance, or contact Precor Customer Support at +44 1276 548 528. Finally, wireless heart rate signals are susceptible to outside interference from other signals present in the area. Likely items that may cause such interference include wireless internet devices, cellphones or cellphone towers, and wireless dog fences.